What is 123Verified.com ?

We are a FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant company that specializes in obtaining public and non-public records for our clients who are concerned about their business, property and family saftey. Based on your needs we can familiarize you with the best products on the internet. The internet and privacy laws have changed two fold in the last 5 years. Having a company performing your searches who knows the laws is your advantage for getting up to date reports and non-public information verified.


Why use 123Verified.com ?
We obtain the most updated information available.. 123Verified has access to sophisticated databases to verify non-public information to insure we are retreiving the correct public information. Our services are second to none regarding database records that are also verified at the local level for accuracy per the FCRA, we are constantly retrieving information in the courts and other locations to make your search the most informative in the industry. Since a Nationwide Criminal Record Database does not exist. We offer a county record search for no extra fee if your jurisdiction is not listed in the Nationwide Criminal Search. No other background check company offers this or the verification of database records.


I can't access the page to purchase anything
You must register online. Then you may sign in using your email address and password and start ordering searches.123 Verified is under obligation by law to safe guard the private information we release.


Why do you need my information before I can purchase?
Our purpose and promise, is to provide you with the latest, most up to date, reliable background checks in the industry. Please understand, that for some searches, 123 Verified is under obligation by law to safe guard certain private information we release. In order to maintain this policy and practice, 123 Verified must collect further information about the persons entity, company entity requesting our services. Your submitted information to 123 Verified will never be compromised in any manner shape or form.


How long does it take to get results?
• Normal results are 12 - 24 hours depending on order flow. Your order is processed in the order it has been received.
• Judgment Recovery takes about 7-10 days to complete With 100% Guarantee.
• Child / Dependent Screen takes 24 -48 hours depending on the cooperation of the reference and educational verification.


Why do your searches take longer than other companies?
We know that 30 second background checks are not reliable. You can't verfify a lifetime of information in 30 seconds, espcially when your dealing with non-public information. We have actual people working on your request. We are experienced to know that there may be some other information available and do our best to make sure your search is complete. Other companies give you database results that may contain information on subjects other than yours.


Why are there companies offering the same services at a cheaper price?
They definitely offer cheaper prices, but not the same services. The majority are offering Department of Correction records which include results if your subject was incarcerated. If they were not incarcerated the results would come back "NO RECORD FOUND" There are companies offering results from a database called P.R.I.O.R.S This sounds very impressive. However this database is comprised of " Public Record Indexes of Record Searches". Which means that you have paid for a search of your subject that someone else has done months maybe years before you searched them. They offer a Nationwide Criminal Record Search that includes only 37 states, they don't offer an alternative search for jurisdictions not listed in the Nationwide Criminal Search, they don't verify database results even though they are required by the FCRA to do so and they don't offer an alternative search for jurisdictions not listed in the Nationwide Criminal Search. All the services we offer for $41.00 would cost you well over $120 from other companies IF THEY offered such services. If you chose a private investigator you would pay over $250.


Is it legal to obtain public and non-public information?
Yes, based on your needs and uses for the information. However, it is illegal and punishable to use the information for purposes other than what you described to us.


Why do you require so much information to join?
We are held to an industry standard that we must fulfill to service our clients.


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