Education Verification

Price $21.00
Turn around time 24-72 Hours

Education verification is and easy and inexpensive way to determine the validity of an applicants educational history. Statistics reveal that education is one of the things that applicants falsify most often on employment apploications at a rate of 80%. This search provides verification of attendance and degree received in higher education.  This report does not give and individuals complete transcript.

Education verifications are billed regardless whether the educational institution opts to release the information or not.
We make continuous efforts to contact the appropriate parties, take meticulous notes of every phone call that is made and document who we spoke to etc. We bill on the effort of obtaining the information not necessarily the success.  Some educational institutions have specific policies not to release certain information therefore we cannot provide an effort based on someone else's policies without compensation. 
You may need a signed release from your applicant.  This is on school by school basis.

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