Being a single mom with three children, I found myself moving to a different state. I moved to unfamiliar surroundings so I ordered the Neighborhood Safety Scan.(search discontinued 12/2012)
Thank god the area is safe with no sex offenders or people who have been convicted.

123verified handled the search with professionalism and courtesy, they did not divulge any personal information on anyone I asked to be searched. They did their job and did it well.

- Heidi G.

Saginaw Michigan



I recently had to take on a part time job. I found myself in need of a responsible person to look after my children for a few days a week. I needed someone to drive them to their club meetings, sports practices and to friends, I had to be sure the applicant was no danger to my children.

123Verified did a complete and thorough check of the person and I am confident I made the right choice. Things are working out GREAT. Thanks 123Verified

- David S.

Ft. Lauderdale Florida



I needed to rent out my condo to for 3 months. I used one of those instant background check companies that gave me pages and pages of garbage and no useful information I called 123 Verified.com as a last resort. Well they should of been my first resort. The information supplied gave me a great snapshot of the individuals and I know I made the right decision. They come back every year and love Shooters. Thanks Murph!

- Barbara Rus

Fort Lauderdale. FL



Thanks Murph! You helped tremendously with my hiring. Before it was guesswork and hope. Never had a chance to recover any loses. But the information you gave on the pre employment baackground check led me right to the person who wronged me. Sure I hired a loser but I recoverd my losses. Thanks again VIP treatment when you come to the club.

-Jimmy G Homar Associates

Williamsville, NY



I own several homes which I rent. Over the years I have used my own judgment with respects to whom I rented to. I recently rented to a person who turned out to be a registered sex offender (unknown to me at the time) I was unable to rent the upper unit to a family with children do to the fact that a sex offender lived downstairs. I couldn't with a clear conscience rent to anyone, I lost money and had a difficult time in evicting this person.

I now use 123 Verified to conduct all potential renters with a complete background check. This is a professional service, conducted in a professional manner, reliable accurate and as up-to-date as possible. Their turn around time is usually 24-48 hours, I am very pleased with their commitment to customer service and accurate, reliable returns. I highly recommend this company

William M

Buffalo NY

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